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Grab a Fallout survival sim and seven great cooking games for just $12

Humble Bundle's cooking games bundle includes Cooking Simulator, its fantastic Fallout-inspired Shelter DLC, and seven other must-plays.

Fallout-inspired cooking game, Cooking Simulator Shelter screenshot showing a character wandering in the wasteland in a gasmask and battered clothes.

You might be wondering what on Earth Fallout has to do with cooking games and find it impossible to conceive of a scenario where the two would be entwined. Rest assured, there’s a logical reason for these things to come together, and it’s all tied to a new Humble Bundle.

The Let ‘em Cook bundle offers a collection of cooking games to give you your cozy gaming fix, including the excellent Cooking Simulator. As it happens, this one even has a Fallout-inspired DLC called Shelter that sees you cooking up post-apocalyptic recipes using mutant meat, glowing mushrooms, or other tasty treats. It’s a wonderfully weird cooking and survival game hybrid.

And that’s just scratching the surface of this bundle too, which also includes $179 worth of games and DLC for just $12. Here’s a quick overview of everything in the Let ‘em Cook bundle:

  • Cooking Simulator
  • Cooking Simulator – Shelter (DLC)
  • Chef: Full Menu Bundle
  • One-armed Cook: Gourmet Upgrade (DLC, base game free)
  • Sugar Shack
  • PlateUp!
  • Diner Bros
  • Cafe Owner Simulator
  • Epic Chef

It’s a delicious selection, and you’ve got until Wednesday, June 19, 2024 to pick it up, so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity. There’s no knowing when these games will ever be this cheap again.

Fittingly, the bundle helps to support No Kid Hungry and World Central Kitchen, two charities working to combat food insecurity and hunger. While you treat yourself to games about cooking, you may also be helping to get someone a hot meal.

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