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There’s a whole Fallout game planned out that you’ll probably never play

Dallout 4 Dion DiMucci

Tim Cain says he’s been secretly harbouring a concept for a new Fallout game for 20 years. In an interview with Cain, who was lead programmer on the original game, he says he first had the idea for his game before development started on Fallout 2.

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In our interview, Cain told PCGamesN “I’ve had a Fallout game in my head since finishing Fallout 1.” But despite having nurtured the idea for around two decades, Cain has never told anyone about his idea. Nor does he have any faith that it’ll ever actually be made.

Cain says the game is “completely designed, start to finish. I know the story, I know the setting, I know the time period, I know what kind of characters are in it. It just sits in the back of my head, and it’s sat there for 20 years.”

Unfortunately though, it’s not likely the mystery game will ever see the light of day. The reason for that seems to lie more in Cain’s own high standards than anything else, however, as he says “I don’t think I ever will make it, because by now anything I make would not possibly compare to what’s in my head. But it’s up there.”

Debate around where a new Fallout game could be said is almost constantly raging. So far all the games have been set in the continental United States, but Europe and China are also potential settings.