Become a US Army Mark 4 Cyber Commando in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, free on Uplay


Ubisoft are continuing their 30-year anniversary festivities, bestowing gamers with a free title each month in celebration of their ripe old age. For my 30th later this year, the only thing I will be handing out for free is apathy. 

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From November 9, Far Cry 3’s retro, neon-soaked spin-off is absolutely free. Ubisoft revealed the news in a tweet:

Blood Dragon is a parody of ’80s action movies, pitting you against cyborgs and laser-shooting dragons in the most purple of open-world landscapes.

It’s daft fun, and certainly worth trying for absolutely no dollars. On Steam, the standalone expansion will set you back $14.99.

Here’s a trailer to set the tone: