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Far Cry 5 has ability boosting drugs like “Fast” and “Furious”

far cry 5 drugs fast furious

Far Cry as a franchise has always been slapped with mature warnings from a variety of ratings boards, and it’s not without reason. There are drugs. There’s profanity. There’s even sex and nudity. And, of course, there’s a whole helluva lot of violence.

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One of the underexplored joys of videogames is in reading ratings summaries, and the ESRB’s recently-published Far Cry 5 breakdown is no exception. If you’re a parent, these things are legitimately useful. If you’re a game enthusiast of a proper age, they’re hilarious.

There are some vague spoilers here if that concerns you, but the most entertaining bit here is a gameplay feature that lets you use homeopathic drugs to boost your abilities. Among those substances are concoctions called “Fast” and “Furious.” If you can also boost with items called “Tokyo” and “Drift,” I know what I’ll be pushing for the PCGN GOTY of 2018.

Incidental dialogue seems to have a particular obsession with vaginas, including gems like “now it’s time for me to find some p*ssy to eat,” and at least two other direct references to genitals. I assume it’s not censored in-game, but the ESRB has to protect us from the letter U.

You can see the gory details for yourself over on the ESRB website. Far Cry 5 recently suffered a small delay from February 27 to March 27, in what I can only assume is an attempt to truly perfect the player’s homegrown drug use options.