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Far Cry 5 has a new live action trailer featuring a baptismal murder

Far Cry 5 live action trailer

Continuing the string of Ubisoft’s live action trailers, with Assassin’s Creed and The Division previously getting their own, Far Cry 5 has its own live action trailer, which you can watch above. It tells the story of how Joseph Seed (aka The Father, the antagonist) and Jerome Jeffries, a pastor in Hope County, came to be opposed to one another. 

We’ve given Far Cry 5’s co-op a shot, and it looks to be the key thing that will make Far Cry 5 stand out over its somewhat tired Far Cry clichés.

It appears that Jeffries is more than justified in not being Seed’s biggest fan, as the trailer shows how Seed went into Jeffries’ church, brought his congragation out and into Eden’s Gate, and, eventually, killed a young woman in a baptism. The implication is that the young woman is Jeffries’ daughter, and his congregation have watched on and followed Seed after he killed her.

It’s a little bit grim, but hey, it’s Far Cry, it’s delighted in having some rather sick antagonists ever since Vaas graced our screens with his definition of insanity. Links to Ophelia, the famous painting, from the end of the trailer are also welcome.

Far Cry 5 comes out next month, March 27, for PC and consoles. Baptismal murders may or may not be involved.