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Far Cry 5 has microtransactions, but they're cosmetic or 'time-saving' only

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Far Cry 5's single-player campaign will be playable offline, and it has cosmetic and time-saver microtransactions. That's a new trailer above, by the way.

Thinking about playing with a buddy? Here’s what Far Cry 5’s co-op is like.

That's according to Ubisoft executive producer Dan Hay in a recent interview with Gamespot. Hay says Far Cry 5 will have microtransactions for single-player, co-op, and head-to-head multiplayer, but he stresses no content is locked behind a paywall.

"We've set the game up to be generous," Hay says. "Nothing is locked [away]. You can go out and explore, and the game will reward you for your exploration."

Gamespot go on to say Far Cry 5's microtransactions are cosmetic only, and will not affect gameplay. However, earlier in the article, they say Hay says real-money purchases are available for those who wish to speed up their game progress, which muddies the waters a little, depending on what you call 'gameplay'.

We reached out to Ubisoft for clarification. They say all in-game items can be acquired through gameplay. They also say there are items you can acquire through microtransactions "to save time," but which aren't necessary for progression. Exactly how these items save you time was not made clear, but Assassin's Creed Origins - another Ubi game - had a 'time savers' category of microtransaction for things like paying to unlock map icons, or buying crafting materials.

Ubisoft also explained that Far Cry 5 is the first time in the series that you'll be able to customise your character, with new weapons, vehicles, and other gear unlocking as you progress through the game. Again, none of this is behind a paywall, though you can buy "premium customisation items" for real money. Ubisoft stress that they do not affect gameplay and are purely cosmetic.

Far Cry 5 is out on March 27 - here's the Steam page.

This article has been updated with new comments from Ubisoft.

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Selarek avatarRMB Jump avatarpegran avatar[dN]Snack avatarjasper.mills avatar
Selarek Avatar
4 Months ago

You know there's something wrong when the developer charges you extra money to 'save your time' of playing their own game as it should be played.

RMB Jump Avatar
4 Months ago

I don't understand buying speed up items when you have trainers on this planet.

So if you want your game to be sped up only by purchases you have to specifically code your game to disallow the free option of doing that, which(at least for me) is not okay.

jasper.mills Avatar
4 Months ago

You have to wonder do they make more money from people spending on "time saving", than they would have from those who would have bought the game if those micro transactions were not in the game in the first place?

pegran Avatar
4 Months ago

already bought gold edition

goddamn it

[dN]Snack Avatar
4 Months ago

This is why you don't pre-order games anymore.