Far Cry 5 players make battle royale, de_dust 2, and turkey hunts in Arcade mode


Far Cry 5s’ Arcade mode enables players to create and share custom maps and challenges, a little like Doom 2016’s SnapMap. Though the game has been out less than two days, we’re already seeing some excellent recreations of legendary maps from other games.

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Far Cry (and, presumably, Counter-Strike) fan Izoolee has made their own version of legendary bomb-planting map de_dust 2, which you can watch YouTuber widdz play in the footage above. Elsewhere, here’s GameFX taking on a Far Cry 5 battle royale mode – it’s much more intimate than PUBG or Fortnite, but looks pretty good nonetheless.

Far Cry 5’s Arcade has over 9,000 items and structures from which to choose, with assets from elsewhere in the Far Cry series and beyond, including Watch Dogs and even a couple of Assassin’s Creeds.

You can grab de_dust 2 from the Arcade here. There have beenmanyattempts at a battle royale already, but the top-rated is here. Finally, word is spreading of the ferocity of rural Montana’s apex predator – the turkey – and so there are also several maps pitting players against this fowlest of birds.