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Far Cry 5 throws shade at flat-earthers

Far Cry 5 setting montana

Ubisoft have not shied away from controversy with Far Cry 5. If anything, they’ve embraced it. We’ve already seen Trump’s pee tape in the game, and now it seems the developers have also included a sneaky sideswipe at flat-earthers. 

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Redditor JunckerDK noticed the game’s long range scope, used for sniper rifles, has pretty sassy description – clearly intended as a sideswipe at flat-earthers:

“Designed for shooters interested in long range targets. Don’t forget the curvature of the earth. It’s not flat.”

Image credit: JunckerDK via Reddit.

This is one of many references players are finding in Far Cry 5. Another Redditor, BertKern64, found a clear nod to American conspiracy theorist and radio presenter Alex Jones in Zip’s newsletter.

The newsletter describes how the “bliss” is turning all the animals homosexual, and how frogs are having “massive orgies”. Jones claimed in 2015 that chemicals in the water are turning frogs gay, resulting in him going viral.

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