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Far Cry’s decade-old tent bug officially gets a fan-made fix

GOG brings a fan fix for an ancient bug

Ubisoft has taken Far Cry in some very different directions over the years – from the tribute to Heart of Darkness and emergent gameplay in Far Cry 2 to the modern murder sandboxes leading into New Dawn – but the studio has never really returned to the open-ended levels and Schwarzenegger-esque machismo of the Crytek original. Luckily, Far Cry is still available, but it’s been suffering under a major bug since its final, 1.4 patch back in the day.

Since that patch, there’s been a bug in the game which allows enemies to see and shoot you through tent walls. Unofficial fan fixes for that glitch have been available for some time, and now one of them has been rolled into the official release over on GOG. The latest hotfix says “added a small fix to prevent AI bots from shooting through tents (thanks to FarOut for reaching out to us).”

FarOut created the ‘Tent AI Bug Fix’ mod, and they’ve made a post on ModDB (via Kotaku) applauding GOG for the implementation. FarOut says “there are other things that should be fixed as well, but this is a major step in the right direction. Eliminates the need to download unofficial patches and mods just to have a reasonable experience. Really exciting progress!”

If you’re playing Far Cry on another platform – or from the original discs – you’ll still need to install a separate fix for the tent bug.

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You can grab Far Cry on GOG, currently at a 60% discount during the site’s ongoing summer sale.