Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon content has been added to level editor for consoles. What about PC?


Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon tickled the strings of nostalgia with its straight-to-VHS-styled action movie romp conversion of Ubisoft’s island shooter. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough of it. Thankfully. Ubisoft have seen fit to release the assets to the Far Cry 3 map-making community, allowing them to fashion their own levels in the Far Cry 3 editor.

One issue: it’s only been released to the console audience so far.

The assets were released through the PS3 and Xbox marketplaces yesterday. As Ubisoft joyously announced, these releases were free:

There’s been no word of a PC release since, despite calls for clarification through Twitter. It wouldn’t make sense for the content not to be released to PC but, then, why would it be delayed and not spoken about by the publisher?

We’ve contacted Ubi to try and get some final word on this.

Cheers, Joystiq.