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Far Cry 3 Monkey Business Pack DLC gets a mission walkthrough trailer; chaos ensues


Far Cry 3’s Monkey Business missions won’t be played by the majority. In the UK they come only with the game’s pricey Insane Edition, while in the US they’re exclusive to GameStop pre-orderers. That’s a shame, if Ubisoft’s latest slice of video lunacy is anything to go by.

The Monkey Business Pack will introduce players to a new character, Herc, whose particularly variant on the troublesome disposition shared by all of the island’s inhabitants sees him strap C4 to monkeys. He’s the sort of nutter Rockstar North regularly dream up: absentmindedly violent and compelling to watch. See him cause havoc, here:

The mission pitches lost-jock protagonist Jason against a temple-full of pirates, who foolishly stand between our hero and a pretty stone he’s tasked with retrieving. Ubisoft’s man-in-the-grass sports an assault rifle throughout, but doesn’t use the thing until six minutes in. Ace.

Far Cry 3’s unstable release date jitters away at November 30th, and approaches fast. Will you be indulging in its strange brew of emergent play and damaged psychedelia?