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Far Cry 3 official Minecraft mod coming October 26th


Now, now. I’m well aware that the above image looks like either the future work of Left 4 Dead’s Deathcraft II team, or the inevitable result of developers mucking about with their own screenshots – and the latter is entirely true. But the idea – to transplant Far Cry 3 into Minecraft, with appropriately modified environments, weapons, and tools direct from Ubisoft Montreal – is really, really happening.

The announcement comes via Far Cry 3’s official Tumblr, where Ubisoft have confirmed the free mod pack for release at the end of this month.

Far Cry 3’s islands have been rebuild block-by-block for the occasion, and the map will include characters from the game – including already-iconic nutter Vaas, lost-jock protagonist Jason, and love interest / saving grace Citra. There’ll be 50 easter eggs hidden throughout the islands to uncover. Will you be hopping betwixt the palms come the 26th?

Developers and promoters! More of this sort of thing, please. Thanks, VG247.