Far Cry 3 trailer features fire, psychopaths, hallucinogens, and freedom


Having popped the preview pill a month ago, we’re now on the high point of Far Cry 3’s pre-release schedule, every thing looks more thing-like than any other thing we’ve seen before, we just want to stroke it, be friends with it, and share life-altering experiences with it. Off in the distance there’s the fear of a come-down after release, a time where we hate all the things because they’re rough and broken, but it’s way at the back of our mind. I mean, how could it dominate our thoughts when we’ve just discovered the capturable bases and fast-travel system?

I’ve written about my fears for Far Cry 3 before, which, in short, that it will lack freedom and this trailer goes someway to waylay them. Why would you need to capture outposts and have a fast travel system if the gamedidn’t have a large map that you were free to explore? Plus, just the other day we saw 15 minutes of footage where all the freedom we’re hoping for is on show.

Also on show, though all too briefly, in today’s video is spreading fire. It looks gorgeous.

How exactly the drug highs will work into the game is still up for guessing points. Will it wholly be determined by narrative? Will using any health pills knock you for six? We’ll know on the games release, December 4th.