Far Cry 4 name dropped by Drive’s composer

Far Cry 4 Ubisoft

Two bits of information have just collided to create an explosion of awesome. Cliff Martinez the composer of Drive’s ace score has revealed that he’s working on the soundtrack for Far Cry 4, a game Ubisoft have yet to announce.

The composer of this is working on the sequel to this.

Martinez revealed his involvement with the new Far Cry in an interview with Lost in the Multiplex. The quote’s been deleted from the original piece but Joystiq managed to get this screen grab.

Far Cry 4 Ubisoft Cliff Martinez

If Ubisoft have Martinez on board it could signal the game is going down an even darker route that the last game. Vaas was brutal, sure, but the amorality of Drive is something tough to compete with. Yes, Martinez has worked on other projects besides Nicholas Winding Refn’s film but it’s what’s made his name with the larger internet audience. Hopefully it’s his dark synth vibe the studio are tapping into.

I’ve goosebumps already. Now if Ubi would just go ahead and announce they’re working on a sequel.