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Stardew Valley gets co-op rival in exciting new farming game sequel

Farm Together 2, the sequel to a co-op farming game like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, has just launched on Steam in Early Access.

Stardew Valley gets co-op rival in exciting new farming game sequel: A girl with braids and a boy in glasses and a hat ride tractors in a field, from Farm Together 2.

The only thing better than spending an evening lost in the pleasant busywork of a farming game like Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, or Farming Simulator 22, is teaming up with a friend to do the same thing. That’s the main hook of Farm Together, which came out in 2018 to positive reviews on Steam, and looks to continue being the case in Farm Together 2, its newly launched Early Access sequel.

Farm Together 2 is a further evolution of the farming game design that creator Milkstone Studios established with its first take on the genre. In the follow up, which came out on Steam yesterday, players start off with a tiny plot of land, customize their avatar, and then get to work by themselves or with others to build the best farm they can manage to make.

All of the expected features, from crop and animal management to cooking mini games, are present, along with features like a customizable house to build, upgrade, and decorate, a tractor to speed up or automate work, a buying and selling system used in a town close to the farm, items to unlock, a landscaping feature, and more.

The game also continues moving forward even when the player isn’t active in it, which means that growth and change will occur that needs to be tended to whenever Farm Together 2 is launched. Along with requests from townspeople to fulfill, there seems to be plenty to do in the game already despite it being in Early Access.

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Farm Together 2 is 10% off on Steam until next Tuesday May 14, which makes its price $17.99 USD / £15.07. You can grab a copy right here.

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