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Real-time Stardew Valley-like gets a second life on Steam

Farm Together is like a real-time take on Stardew Valley, and while it's now a few years old, it's getting a second life on the Steam charts

Riding a tractor in Farm Together, a real-time take on Stardew Valley

Farm Together takes the best of idle games and farming games to give you the best of both worlds – a casual take on the Stardew Valley formula where your crops keep growing even when the game is closed. It launched to a positive response in 2018, and the combination of a fresh round of updates and a 50% off Steam sale is bringing it more players than ever.

In Farm Together, you build a farm, and you can open that farm up to your friends online so you can build it together. Your crops grow according to a real time clock, so you might have to wait minutes or days for a given harvest to mature, but nothing will wither while you’re away, so you can keep occasional tabs on your farm without fear of missing out.

For about 18 more hours after this post goes live, Farm Together is available at a 50% discount on Steam, bringing the price down to $9.99 / £7.74 / €9.99. In the wake of the sale, the game’s player counts have reached all-time records, including a peak of 6,455 concurrent players last night, as SteamDB shows. Sure, that’s not Elden Ring, but it is a solid count for a smaller indie game.

Farm Together has held daily peaks over 1,000 concurrent players for over three years, and this new, sale-driven resurgence was precipitated by a new series of DLC content packs, including new crops and cosmetic items.

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