Farming Simulator 2013: Titanium launch trailer lens flares a sheep

Farm Simulator 2013: Titanium Giants Software Focus Interactive

Farm Simulator 2013’s just been upgraded. It now has a Titanium edition. No longer is it poxy galvanised zinc.

It’s not simply a tougher game, though. The expansion doubles the size of the game world and sets it in a totally new locale with a whole new environment to farm in. It also comes with a slew of new vehicles.

One of which may be a Ferrari.

I should say now that, of the 20 new vehicles, there is no Ferrari in the Titanium edition expansion. I’m sorry to have mislead you but, well, it’s fun to do.

Of course, you can no longer trust me. So you’ll have to take the developer’s words on the new expansion instead of mine:

“An entirely new American backdrop has now been added to the extensive European environment, which will double the size of the gameplay area in Farming Simulator. Inspired by typical American farms, this new and monumental terrain represents a total change of scene, with new locations, fresh development opportunities for your farm and even bigger fields suitable for the largest agricultural machinery available in the game. The game also offers new vehicles providing a huge selection of farming vehicles the player may use and drive to develop their farm!

One of those new vehicles is a Ferrari!”

Alright, I added that last line in. That’s just to prove my power as a writer. It is total.

You can buy Titanium through Steam. You can also buy it through a reputable supplier.