Farming Simulator 22 has more players on Steam than Battlefield 2042

On Steam at least, Farming Sim 22 is more popular than Battlefield 2042.

Farming Sim 22 has more concurrent Steam players online than Battlefield 2042.

Going entirely by concurrent player count on Steam, Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 22 is apparently a more popular game than EA’s Battlefield 2042. Despite both games releasing within days of each other, the latest Farming Sim beats the latest Battlefield in several areas – and the differences are only growing.

Battlefield 2042 officially released on consoles and PC via Steam and Origin on November 19 and has had a rough launch. Our review noted that it had all the elements needed to be one of the best Battlefield games but was “many updates away from reaching its full potential”. – it’s currently rated ‘Mostly Negative’ on Steam.

Farming Simulator 22 released on November 22 for consoles and PC via Steam and Epic – and seems to have had a far smoother time, with a rating of ‘Very Positive’ on Steam. According to SteamDB, the peak concurrent player count for Farming Simulator 22 was 105,636 six days ago. Battlefield 2042’s is just shy of this at 105,397 players nine days ago.

While we have to remember that this is only Steam, the differences continue to build. Farming Simulator 22 was the top-selling game on Steam last week, beating out 2042 (and 2077). Plus, while the all-time peak player count is only slightly lower, Battlefield 2042’s popularity has continued to dip – and the more recent 24-hour peak for Battlefield is nearly half that of Farming Sim’s, 52,524 players to 94,744.

At the very least, this is a good start for Farming Simulator 22, which may even replace its predecessor as one of the best management games on PC. As for Battlefield 2042, maybe it needs to bring back the tractors.

Check here, if your PC can run it and test against the Farming Simulator 22 system requirements.