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12 years later, classic roguelike FTL has a huge unofficial expansion

Faster Than Light, also known as FTL, is one of the best roguelikes ever, and it now has a huge unofficial expansion, 12 years after launch.

FTL expansion: A spaceship from roguelike Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light is the game that made stress, pressure, and the imminence of total annihilation feel like fun. Before Bethesda’s space opera Starfield, or beloved roguelikes such as Hades and Dead Cells, FTL propelled us into the deepest recesses of the cosmos and left us to fend for ourselves. Engines malfunctioned. Airlocks were breached. Entire crews were unceremoniously ejected into the vacuum of the universe. But after enough playthroughs and some hard-learned lessons, Faster Than Light transcended its sharp learning curve to become one of the richest and most rewarding games of 2012. Now more than a decade old, FTL remains one of the best in the roguelike genre, and it’s got a gigantic unofficial expansion – enough to fill a fan-made sequel – available right now.

Created by Subset Games, later of Into The Breach fame, Faster Than Light is a roguelike by way of a frantically paced strategy game by way of overwhelming cosmic fear. As the captain of a high-velocity starship, your job is to manage all of the various subsystems, defeat bandits, pirates, and other enemy vessels, and somehow keep everybody on board alive. Anything can – and frequently does – go wrong, creating a desperate struggle for survival where even your own ship seems determined to kill you. Rated 10/10 on Steam based on more than 55,000 user reviews, FTL has certainly stood the test of time. But there’s plenty more to come.

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FTL Multiverse is a total overhaul mod for Faster Than Light that’s just arrived in its latest, greatest, and most expansive version. Created by the eponymous Multiverse Team, it contains 200 new ships, 800 new enemy ships, new weapons, new crew types, combat rebalances, an overhauled UI, and new combat augments.

If that’s not enough, Multiverse even adds additional quest lines and expands on the existing Faster Than Light lore. If you’ve been longing for a reason to go back to FTL, or you’re trying the game for the first time and want to make it bigger and better, Multiverse is absolutely essential. You can get the latest, massive version right here.

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