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Free games: We have 3000 codes for FeArea, the new mech-filled sci-fi MOBA!


You know what a MOBA is, right? Think of League of Legends and Dota 2. How could you improve on that formula? One answer comes from FeArea, which is a MOBA that hosts battle between armoured vehicles of the future – combat robots, mechs, and machines packed with more rockets than Elon Musk’s dreams. 

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While FeArea predicts our future will one where war wages non-stop, it’s actually quite optimistic. It supposes that we humans would develop war machines that do all the battling for us – there would be no human casualties, no blood spilled. We can sit back and guide the robots from a safe distance and hope that the outcome of metal grinding against metal would be enough to solve all political conflict.

But don’t overthink it: this is a game about using lasers, plasma, and explosives to absolutely batter your opponent. You can choose from three classes – tanks, robots, and machines – and can upgrade them during battle. And it’s all about big action, too: there is no minion farming here – just 5v5 battles with lots of destruction.

While FeArea boasts a “rapid” matchmaking system, it also lets you play even if your friends are offline, or if you don’t fancy being near other humans at all. This is on account of its AI bots, which you can use to fill your team and to play against, should you wish. You can go at it in deathmatch modes and capture the flag, too.

If you want to try FeArea out you can do so by downloading it for free over on Steam. But below we are giving away 3000 Starter Packs, which include the following:

  • 7 days of premium account
  • 20 gold tokens
  • 1000 tokens of each class

You can get your code to claim your Starter Pack via the widget below. All you have to do is complete one of the available actions and you should receive your code right away. Code redemption instructions are below the widget.

FeArea giveaway

To activate your key:

  • Download FeArea on Steam
  • Launch the game
  • Go to the Store
  • Click on the Promo Codes tab
  • Then enter your code and hit Activate