We’ve got 50 keys for indie action platformer Feist. Want to take one off our hands? | PCGamesN

We’ve got 50 keys for indie action platformer Feist. Want to take one off our hands?


Feist is a indie action platformer that combines Limbo’s haunting silhouette style with fast paced action and lots of interesting beasts and creatures. We’ve got 50 copies of the game to give away. Want in on a journey into the dark forest? Take part in our giveaway.  

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In Feist you play as a small creature trapped by the forest’s more monstrous inhabitants, and must make your quick escape. That exodus will take you through the mountains, caves, and swamps of a world inspired by the likes of The Dark Crystal and Hedgehog in the Fog. 

If you’d like to be entered into the draw for an Feist key, please use the widget below. The more things you do in the widget, such as liking our Facebook page, the more entries that go in the hat to be randomly selected. The email address we ask for is for contacting winners and sending them their Steam key code; we promise we won’t sign you up for anything weird. 


If you’re randomly-selected to get a code, you’ll find it in your inbox - from where you’ll want to proceed directly to Steam and redeem it via the ‘activate a product’ box under the ‘Games’ tab.

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cpt.fantastic avatarFlappers avatarunwanted avatarShriven avatarxNuke avatar
cpt.fantastic Avatar
2 Years ago

These are nice and everything but sometimes I miss when give aways didn't require any additional "entries".

Flappers Avatar
2 Years ago

Yeah, I wish these giveaways would be catered towards rewarding people who participate on the site, instead of letting bots and people using incognito to ram up their entries a million times.

It makes it feel less legitimate.

unwanted Avatar
2 Years ago

I didn't even know about this incognito thing. You know all 25 copies are going to someone who only clicks on this site when they see the words "giveaway". I don't even want to enter.

Shriven Avatar
2 Years ago

I am yet to win anything on the giveaways, so that clearly means its rigged!


xNuke Avatar
2 Years ago

I've won plenty of giveaways here, they are legitimate and there aren't that many (if any at all) bots :) I'm usually unlucky with giveaways so I'd know :D