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FIFA 17 dogpiles random Twitter user after featuring his ‘fake’ handle in-game

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FIFA 17’s fairly innovative story mode got a little too real this month as one of the game’s fake social media users ended up being a legitimate Twitter account – something the owner wasn’t please about.

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Calvin “CalWong” Wong probably didn’t expect to become the target of a Twitter mob, let alone one begun by a game, but apparently the Cartoon Network director has received his fair share of abuse since EA featured his handle in-game.

The story mode, which sees you play the part of an up-and-coming young footballer named Alex Hunter, features a small social media feed which mimics Twitter’s @-handle syntax in posts. The fake users in the feed provide a bit of off-the-field commentary on your performance with various expert footballing pundit terms like “shoddy knees” and “goals”.

However one user happens to share the CalWong handle, prompting a wave of interest in Wong’s Twitter account, though he himself has very little interest in the game and knowing he’s in it.

Having tweeted at EA several times to ask to be removed from the game, the monolithic publisher has now assured Wong they would be patching him out in a coming update, but not before making a right FUT of themselves.

H/t to Kotaku for chatting to the unfortunate fellow.