FIFA 20 review scores – our roundup of the critics

Here's what the media makes of EA's latest footy sim

Critics have fired their FIFA 20 reviews directly into the net. The Internet. EA Sports’ 2019 instalment aims to continue the series’ momentum with refinements on the pitch and plenty of new modes off it.

FIFA 20’s headline act is the street football-based Volta campaign, which sees you jet off on a global tour humiliating people with your superior slight-of-foot skills. FIFA Ultimate Team, meanwhile, drafts in a bunch of new icons (Ian Rush, Ian Wright, other former footballers not called Ian), and adds two new game modes in King of the Hill and Mystery Ball. And the football itself pays particular attention to authentic ball physics, space-creation, and new set-piece systems.

So, how do the game’s reviewers feel about all of that? In a word: mixed. Screen Rant is among the most positive, writing how FIFA 20 “combines its top tier core gameplay with some neat additions such as the fun Volta game mode.” VG247 concludes its verdict with: “Although the core gameplay isn’t mind-blowingly different, it’s still the best football game, and the addition of VOLTA is a whole new way to play.”

Other reviewers were less impressed with how FIFA 20 handles your progression. The Telegraph questioned “confusingly titled” Season Objectives, which “have nothing to do with the football calendar and instead are a version of Fortnite’s Battle Pass.” Similarly, Eurogamer decries how “off the pitch, FIFA 20 has made no concession to the current concern around loot boxes, and that worries me.”

Check out our roundup of the review scores below.

FIFA 20 officially releases September 27, but you can play it as early as September 23 on Origin. Before then, check out its ever-controversial player ratings. What, they only gave [PLAYER X] a rating of [Y]? Get out of town!