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Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming to PC, suggests MSI

Final Fantasy Type-0

Computer tech company MSI is claiming that at this week’s Computex trade show in Taiwan it will be showing off it’s new GS60 Red Edition gaming laptop. More importantly, the game being showcased on the laptop is Final Fantasy Type-0, a game that’s a console exclusive. 

This pretty much means that Final Fantasy Type-0 is coming to PC, right? 

Obviously take all this with whatever grains of cooking ingredients you wish, but if the leak holds water then this isn’t a massive surprise. Square Enix have gradually been bringing a lot of the Final Fantasy games to PC, having recently ported the Final Fantasy XIII games, as well as many of the 3DS remakes of earlier Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy Type-0 released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 earlier this year.

The game itself is usual Final Fantasy affair; a great evil empire blasting its way through a magic-enhanced land. The gameplay is much more action focussed than other games in the series, and has a massive roster of twelve protagonists to swap in and out of your squad. It is a HD remaster of a PSP game, and this often shows in the environments.

Thanks, PC Gamer.