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Here’s how combat works in the FF7 remake

Square Enix just gave us a detailed look at the remake's new combat system

Square Enix has given an in-depth look at how combat will work in the Final Fantasy VII remake. The new version of the game will feature a hybrid system combining real-time fighting with more strategic command-based action.

A lengthy demo during the publisher’s Square Enix conference confirms that ATB (Active Time Battle) will return, and, once your meter is full, you’ll b able to enter Tactical Mode, which pauses time and lets you choose commands from a menu.

You’ll be able to switch between characters at the touch of a button. While Cloud uses his sword and various spells, Barrett has a very different fighting style. Even when you’re not directly controlling a character, however, it’ll still be fighting by your side, and you can issue commands to dictate the way your allies play.

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