Final Fantasy XI is getting a new storyline next month

Square Enix is introducing a new storyline to Final Fantasy XI next month. While the 18-year-old game has continued to be updated with small patches, this is the first time the MMORPG will see new story content since 2015’s Rhapsodies of Vana’ diel update. Details about the new storyline have been shared in a blog post from producer Akihiko Matsui, who went into depth about all things from the rain in Tokyo to the changes being made to the Beastmaster job.

“The most exciting news I have to share is that a brand-new storyline will be coming to Vana’ diel!” Matsui shares. “This story, which will play out over the course of many version updates rather than just a few, explores a side of Vana’ diel that’s never before seen the light. Be aware that full completion of Rhapsodies of Vana’ diel is required to experience this wonderful new content, so I hope that those of you who haven’t yet experienced Iroha’s tale in full will take this opportunity to do so.”

As Matsui explains, you’ll need to finish the Rhapsodies of Vana’ diel content before you can experience the new storyline. The FFXI producer also went over changes to the Beastmaster job and how he hopes it’ll lead to greater synergy between the players and their pets.

Matsui also went into detail about new and updated month objectives to the Records of Eminence alongside new Normal and Intense Ambuscade foes. If you’d like to read the patch notes in full, you can check them out above.

The new FFXI update is set to drop in August, which means it’ll coincide with Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 5.3 update. Either way, there’s not long to wait for new Final Fantasy content.

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