Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light, a drama about an MMO-playing family, is coming to Netflix


Have you ever bonded with family over the games you play? Perhaps, I don’t know, formed a special bond with your father after he retired through your mutual adoration of Final Fantasy XIV? If not, but you want to experience that, live vicariously through the medium of television as Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light is coming to Netflix soon, according to Lifehacker via Destructoid.

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Coming to all regions, it’s a (mostly) live-action series about a boy who gives his father a copy of Final Fantasy XIV to play now that he’s retired, seemingly not expecting too much. Then, his father gets hooked on it, and it seems the pair start to play together.

Of course, there’s some drama – it looks like, from the trailer, that the son plays a woman in-game and that he’s ashamed. I’m here to say: boy, don’t be ashamed, you rock that catgirl. I hope that’s the reason why he’s embarrassed, anyway – I’ve been on MMOs, I’ve seen things…

It arrives on Netflix on September 1, so organise a viewing party with your friends now, I guess? I’m actually really into the concept – it looks pretty heartwarming to me, if a bit cheesy. You can watch the trailer on Netflix’s site.