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Final Fantasy XIV’s Stormblood expansion will raise the MMO’s recommended specs on PC


Final Fantasy XIV is getting a big new expansion called Stormblood, and it’s coming out in summer 2017. Not only will it expand the game’s boundaries, taking players to new locations, but it will raise the visual quality on PC, meaning you’ll need more powerful hardware to run it. 

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Stormblood takes players toAla Mhigo, where new dungeons, raids – along with high-end and alliance raids – and a fourth residential area will be added.Rhalger’s Reach will be the main new zone, with others to come after.

“The main concept is getting Ala Mhigo back into Eorzean control from the Garlean empire,” Yoshida said. Monk will be the main class.

The level cap will raise from 60 to 70 for all jobs, and the battle system is getting a revamp to new and old actions, with actions now grouped by role instead of job. The UI will also be tweaked so that job-specific buffs like the Dragoon’s ‘Blood of the Dragon’ will be easier to see.

New primals are also being added, with some fan-favourites due to pop up, along with some newbies.Square Enix will release several patches before the Stormblood launch in summer 2017.