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Final Fantasy XIV hits stage three beta on Friday, released August


The reborn version of MMO Final Fantasy XIV is about to head into the third stage of its beta, starting on 14th June, also known as this coming Friday. Following the beta, the game will hit full release status 27th August. To celebrate we get a lovely new trailer.

If up until now you’ve found the glimpses if FFXIV just not Final Fantasy enough for your tastes, this trailer should change your mind. Focussing on the story of the game, there’s shadowy men in over-designed armour, an airship piloted by a man called Cid, moogles and cacti, and some exposition on a bonkers plot involving some kind of crystal. It’s almost impossible to understand, and thus clearly a 100% pure-blood FF game.

There’s some kind of dramatic reveal at the end of the trailer, but it’s not worth hanging around for. It’s like that time you waited until the end of Iron Man 3’s credits expecting a teaser for Thor 2 and got nothing of the sort.

If you’d like to dive into the Realm Reborn, you can get in on this third stage beta, or stick out until release in August. Subscriptions will start at £7.69 per month, and new players get the first 30 days of play for free.