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Square Enix just added a 48-player MOBA to Final Fantasy 14

Rival Wings

Final Fantasy XIV is getting a MOBA. Patch 4.15 adds Rival Wings, a 48-player battle across a huge arena.

After the Stormblood expansion, what’s next for Final Fantasy 14?

In true MOBA style, teams will be required to destroy their opponents’ towers, with waves of automatons periodically released throughout the game to help them do so, much like League of Legends’ minions or Dota 2’s creeps. Throughout the game, you’ll have opportunities to collect Ceruleam, a powerful energy source found throughout FF14, to pilot mighty machina that are scattered around the battlefield. Once you’ve destroyed all opposing towers, the shield protecting the other team’s base will fall, leaving it vulnerable.

Rival Wings is available now, with the release of Final Fantasy 14 patch 4.15, and even if you don’t have an active subscription to the game, you can play Rival Wings as part of the free trial.

Elsewhere in the patch, FF14 is marking the beginning of season six of its competitive PvP, which will run until the release of patch 4.2. If the pressure is too much for you, however, you can take solace in the new action for the Bard class – ‘Perform’ conjures a harp to let you spread your music across Hydaelyn.