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Final Fantasy Tactics designer taps Kickstarter to bring his new thing to PC

Unsung Story will be on Kickstarter for the best part of a month.

Final Fantasy Tactics! The console counterpart to Laser Squad et al that meant we could all meet as grown-ups in Firaxis’ XCOM and understand what the hell was going on. For that game and its director, Yasumi Matsuno, let us spend all our action points on gratitude.

The especially thankful among you might wish to spend your cash, too. Matsuno’s Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is the subject of a new Kickstarter campaign designed to pull it from the screens of mobile phones and plonk it on the rather larger displays of PCs.

Unsung Story is in development under the wing of Lord of Waterdeep developers Playdek, not Square, but has taken more than a few leaves from the latter’s design doc. It’s a turn-based, tactical “war simulation” RPG which intersperses a viewpoint-swapping, 77-year conflict narrative with battles fought on 3D maps. Units under your command are defined by professions, and each belongs to a class within that profession. The result is plenty of scope for squad customisation.

“You can mold [the classes] to your individual play style, and adapt to the scenario at hand,” write Playdek. “You will build your front and backlines by combining these classes into various groups or parties, based on the needs of the battlefield.”

The campaign is already a third of the way to its $600,000 goal, with 30 days to go. If it makes it, Unsung Story will be “fully developed for agnostic platform play” – taking its tune to Windows and Mac, plus Windows tablets.

It all sounds pleasingly Fire Emblematic, if you ask me. But let’s ask you. Proffer your thoughts in the comment section.

Cheers, Develop.