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Firefall beta weekends announced, registration now open


Red 5 Studios are running three event weekends for MMOFPS Firefall beginning today, and if I squint a bit and frame my hands just so it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine you in there with them.

Register here and you’ll be in with a chance of getting a 48-hour pass as a tester.

Each stress test weekend will enjoy its own theme designed to encourage community interaction. They say nothing brings people together like a good war, and sure enough, all three have a whiff of conflict about them.

This weekend, ‘Thump the Server’ will see players call down thumpers to collect minerals in New Eden, and join others in fighting back the lethal creatures they attract.

November 30th is about ‘Population Control’, and offers a touch of genocide: “The wildlife population across New Eden continues to grow, and the more violent species are becoming a threat to the way of life in Copacabana,” say Red 5. “Work alongside other players to thin the herd and keep the citizens safe.”

Finally, the weekend beginning December 7th plays host to the ‘Chosen Invasion’, and will task players with joining patrols to take out the hostile humanoids before they overwhelm New Eden. Although you can be sure Red 5 won’t let that happen before launch.

Players will receive “unique rewards” for their participation. Will you be signing up?

Our Paul visited Copacabana for a Firefall preview last month. The weather was lovely, though the wildlife can reportedly be “a little bitey” and the game needs more players.