Firefall enters Stage 2 of Open Beta, it’s time to reclaim Earth


Red5 Studios have announced that Stage 2 of the Open Beta of Firefall is now in progress. The new stage introduces the ‘Reclaim Earth, Unlock the World’ phase, where players must push back the Melding and take ground away from enemies the Chosen.


Stage 2 will introduce a new UI very soon, which identifies where on Earth the Melding is, and what zones need to be reclaimed by players. To reclaim areas, players will need to fuel Melding repulsors in three different zones to unleash a pulse that will destroy the Melding. Pushing back the Melding will unlock new areas for players to fight in, including secret fortresses which must be destroyed in order to eradicate the Chosen from the area. Destroying a fort will provide new research opportunities for crafting.

When players have completely destroyed the Melding that has taken over the planet, a new story instance will be made available, which will lead into the next chapter of Firefall.

Red5 explain in their blog that the world will be permanently changed by what players achieve, but the Chosen are also able to launch counter-attacks on zones that are liberated.

To join the Open Beta and experience Stage 2, you need only download the client and sign-up for Firefall.

Thanks, Evil Avatar