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Firefall gets its first story-based episode tomorrow


Firefall forgers Red 5 Studios have reached a developmental milestone this week that will benefit fans of both real people and scripted, better-written people. There’ll be a new PvP mode added to the game’s closed beta on Thursday, alongside ‘Blackwater Anomaly’, the MMO shooter’s opening slice of story.

This isn’t the green-tinged Blackwater of Westeros or the Blackwater Park familiar to progressive death metal fans, but Blackwater Marsh: the very first in-game location to fall outside the borders of New Eden and its environs. There, teams of five players will investigate an anomaly – which could, by definition, be anything at all – and learn more about Firefall’s central fictional conceit: the Chosen attack on humanity.

The Marsh plays host to the deadly Melding storm that’s enveloped most of the world, so expect lots of noisy electrical ambient sound design.

The new PvP mode, meanwhile, is an objective-based ball game designed to improve Firefall’s eSports prospects. In Jetball, players can’t defend themselves while carrying the ball, instead relying on their teammates for protection and passing.

“With Jetball, Red 5 has reinvented a classic multiplayer experience for a fresh wave of eSports fans,” if they do say so themselves.

You can still sign up for closed beta access to Firefall on the official site, or alternatively wait for the open beta launch in two weeks’ time:

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