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Done the impossible: Firefly cast brought back together for Firefly Online

firefly online cast reunion alan tudyk nathan fillion adam baldwin morena baccarin jewel staite ron glass summer glau sean maher

The makers of Firefly Online have done the impossible and brought the original cast of Firefly back together to record dialogue for their MMO. This is the first time the cast have appeared together since the movie tie-in Serenity, released way back in 2005.

I tell a white lie, there’s one cast member missing.

Spark Plug Games and Quantum Mechanix are the studios creating the online Firefly world. As they’ve been recording each actor’s dialogue they’ve released a short interview video on their Youtube channel. I’ve embedded them all below.

There’s Nathan Fillion returning as Malcolm Reynolds:

Adam Baldwin’s back as Jayne Cobb:

Sumer Glau as River Tam:

As is her on-screen brother Simon Tam, played by Sean Maher:

Ron Glass is back as Shepherd Derrial Book:

Jewel Staite returns as the irrepressible Kaylee Frye:

Morena Baccarin reprises the role of Inara Serra:

And, of course, Alan Tudyk is back as Hoban “Wash” Washburn:

Firefly fans will notice two things. One, two of the characters are back from the dead, and, two, Gina Torres is nowhere to be seen. Torres played the steely war veteran Zoe Washburn. It could be the studios have struggled to find time for her to record her dialogue as she’s currently playing a recurring character in NBC’s Hannibal.

It’s just shiny hearing the cast’s voices again and hearing that familiar twang of Firefly’s guitar score. I hope the writers are able to match Joss Whedon’s dialogue. If so, Firefly Online could make for a seriously endearing MMO.