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Firewatch E3 trailer hints there’s something not right in the forest

Firewatch E3 2015

Firewatch is indie studio Campo Santo’s strikingly-coloured first person mystery in which a fire warden gets caught up in a sequence of events exceptionally unusual for a job that involves sitting in a tower and making sure trees don’t set on fire. The new trailer shown at E3 keeps the mystery intact, but offers a new look at what is bound to be an indie darling. 

The trailer mostly shows off the Team Fortress 2-like art style, with its beautiful cartoon-like vistas and chunky hands. The core focus seems to be the protagonist Henry’s relationship with the woman on the other end of his comms link, his supervisor Delilah. It seems obvious that their bond will develop over the course of the game.

Firewatch is due a 2015 launch, so hopefully we won’t be waiting much longer.