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Take a dynamic day & night hike through the Shoshone in Firewatch’s new free-roam mode

Firewatch movie

However you feel about Firewatch, the first-person, narrative-heavy debut from Campo Santo, I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s in agreement that its world is just incredible. 

Our list of the best indie games is happy to provide some more escapism. 

Exploring the pastel-coloured Shoshone National Park is a wonderful, otherworldly experience, and now you can escape to it without all the walkie-talkie chatter. It has to be better than staring at Twitter which, at the minute, is like peering into an actual void.

Like Firewatch’s Henry, sometimes it’s good to get some space – whether it’s virtual or not – so you can clear your head from all the noise of modern life. Firewatch’s new free-roam mode should provide such an outlet.

Adding a 24-hour day & night cycle, free-roam lets you trek across its impressionist landscape, hiking across miles of woodland trails with no objectives at all. Lovely.

Unlocked when you’ve finished Firewatch, you can find free-roam in the special features section of the main menu.