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First footage arrives on earth from Take on Mars


The first leg of the mission is complete and we’ve finally received transmissions from the Mars rover Bohemia. And boy, they’re beautiful. Huston has no problems here today. The game is coming to Steam Early Access too, so you’ll only have to wait until 1st August to get your hands on all that shiny NASA kit.

Take on Mars is a space project simulator from Bohemia (those dudes more famous for military crawl-around Arma), and contains all the expected attention to detail. For those who were even a tiny bit curious about Curiosity, this looks like to be about seventeen Christmases come at once. The simulation looks deeply engrossing, difficult, but also super fun. Look at that hovering craft! See how that rover bounces over the bumpy surface! Just look at that tumbling rock! Yes, a falling bit of planet is actually exciting.

Remember that the rovers you blast into space are pretty expensive, so don’t go too Burnout on them. Breaking their delicate bits means you’ll have to find ways to secure funding to repair them.

“After this initial launch we hope to receive feedback and suggestions from players and work together to create the most dynamic exploration sim game driven by everyone’s passion for exploration and interest in extra-terrestrial bodies such as Mars… Better said, especially Mars!” said project lead Martin Melicharek

PCGamesN editor Tim Edwards also had this to say: “I predict this will be the best game ever.” Tim is known to be pretty bang-on when predicting the future, so we’ll take his prophecy as gospel for now.

Cheers, Eurogamer.

Edit: Article originally didn’t include release date or Steam Early Access information, which has since been added to ensure a complete picture of the story.