Fisher adds banter to his utility belt in Splinter Cell: Blacklist co-op trailer


Sam Fisher seems to be getting younger in every installment of the Splinter Cell games. Once a gruff dad-like agent, he was looking like he could easily be his daughter’s school pal by Conviction (provided he took extra care shaving). He’s looking more limber than ever in Blacklist, and thanks to his new, non-Michael Ironside voice actor, he even sounds it. How else do you convey such youth though? Banter, of course. All the kids are at it these days. It’s the perfect excuse to get some co-op action in there, and the latest trailer is full of it.

The Splinter Cell franchise could be the perfect playground for co-operative fun; planning with a friend the perfect take-down, and ensuring a well-timed distraction gave your partner the precious few seconds they needed to hack a security system. This trailer doesn’t seem to promise this. Instead we have gruff quips between Sam and his new partner Isaac Briggs, and plenty of quick-slow-quick moments of action and back-to-back shooting sprees. This slicker look certainly feels entertaining, but we’re a long way from the shadow-bathed nooks and crannies of old.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist lands August 20th.