FlatOut devs announce their “Next Car Game”, a demolition derby crash ’em up


Bugbear, the independent Finnish studio behind the FlatOut series (and more recently Ridge Racer Unboundeded) have just announced their next project, which they’re simply calling their “next car game”. It’s a destruction derby game all about lots of cars smashing into one another over and over again until only one car survives. So that’s a game purely about crashing cars into one another from the developer of one of the best car-crashing games the PC’s ever seen. Here’s a trailer, it’s got sparks in.

“We are returning to our roots to make this game,” say Bugbear in a press release,”re-interpreting what initially excited us way back in FlatOut days. It’s full-contact motor sports with cars built for crashing.

“Technology now allows us to fully realize what we imagined back then – debris-filled scenes of high speed carnage. We’re taking destruction racing to a level you’ve never seen before. We can put tons more metal and dirt in the air now, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We want to make you feel the carnage.”

This is seemingly the game Bugbear were destined to make: something that focuses less on silly fripperies like racing and rules and cornering and more on cool stuff likecrumpling metal and shards of bodywork andsparks and dirt and skids and smoke. I haven’t been this excited about a destruction derby game since, well, this:

It also looks like Bugbear are giving away Bugbear bundles to a handful of fans who sign up to their newsletter. You can do that over on the Next Car Game website, if you’re interested.