Carenado takes its latest bird into the skies


One of the leading names in quality third-party aircraft has to be that of Carenado. Quite apart from it just being a great word to roll around your tongue, the team have been responsible for some of the highest detail FSX and X-Plane general aviation models we’ve ever seen, and the latest to take up space in their hanger – the SR22 GTSX Turbo for Flight Sim X – is perhaps their most detailed yet.

“We’re proud of the package as a whole,” says Carenado CEO, Fernando Herrera of the new model. “Everything is integrated from sounds to the flight dynamics. There are no separate or isolated features. This is a very coherent aircraft and an excellent representation of the real bird.”

The SR22 is one of the world’s best selling single-engine aircraft, having been in operation in one form or another since 2001, with the GTSX version being just the latest incarnation. “We wanted to model the SR22T because of its popularity, modernism and avionics,” Herrera told us recently. “You can see a SR22T in most of middle size airfields, it has a sleek design which make it very attractive and the G1000 perspective [the high definition Multi-Function Displays used in the cockpit] is a challenge for developing and a delight to use.”

Herrera is particularly proud of the “shine effects” the team have been able to reproduce, with the dynamic propeller shining as it moves and window scratches all highlighted in the cockpit windscreen. Coupled with ultra realistic night lighting effects on instruments and panels, a flight model tested by real SR22 fliers, panels and even a choice of having one or two animated pilots sitting at the controls, and you’ve got quite the overall package.

The SR22 has just been made available for FSX and P3D users at the Carenado homepage. We’ll be taking one for a thorough spin shortly to see if it flies as nicely as it looks.
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