Take a ride in the currently grounded 787 Dreamliner in FlightSim X


Dragged straight from today’s headlines (you do read the overseas business sections in newspapers, right), comes these latest images and video from QualityWings (they of Ultimate 146 Collection fame) about their currently in development Ultimate 787 for FSX. 

The 787 is currently making headlines due to a series of unfortunate fuel leaks and overheating batteries bursting into flames. That’sseen Japan’s two leading airlines (and operator of over half the existing 787s currently in service) grounding their entire 787 fleets until the planes can stop catching fire and scaring the punters.

Posted to its Facebook page, the latest images show the amount of progress so far completed on modelling the interior first class cabin of the latest passenger airliner to hit the skies, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. For many, the inclusion of passenger cabins adds to the overall immersion of flying large passenger aircraft, although the flipside is that having so much detail can often lead to quite a hit to the frame rate. We’ll have to see just how QW manages to balance it all out as the product gets nearer to release.

Still, this isn’t deterring QualityWings from carrying on with the FSX version as the images and videos show all too well. Although at present the interiors are still untextured, if the quality shown so far is anything to go by, the modelling team is on fire….

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