Vintage airline starts world rally


To stand out from the many virtual airlines that routinely fly the simulation skies, it always helps to have a unique selling point that calls out to the nostalgic hearts nestled within most aviators. For many, commercial flight was at its peak in the late 40s/early 50s, when men were men, planes were planes and most transatlantic flights took place on top of sepia-toned maps with a red tracer line coming out of the back and dramatic music playing as you shepherded your passengers INTO ADVENTURE!

DC-3 Airways tries to embrace this romanticised era of flight with a virtual airline devoted to flying Douglas DC-3s, what many still consider to be the greatest passenger aircraft ever made. From November 5th, DC-3 Airways is hosting its annual World Rally, open to all pilots that want to relive the golden era once again. The rally consists of ten flights created by airline founders Charles Wood Sr., Glen Broome and Norman Hancock, taking place across thirty days, all of which can be flown solo or as part of a group. Flight records will be kept by the rally organisers and you’ll be able to see how you compare to the other pilots over at

“The idea of creating a World Rally sprang from an annual ‘Around Australia’ event sponsored by Bluegrass Airlines, who always enthusiastically welcomed DC-3 Airways members, and still do,” Hancock told us. “As a way of returning their hospitality, in 2003 I had the idea of creating an event of our own and invite Bluegrass Airline members along. Early World Rally events were based on a competition, but the degree of administration necessary has now given way to a slightly less demanding, purely participation event. The World Rally is very much a team effort requiring many hours of preparation, but our thanks each year are in the enjoyment given.”

The airline’s site also provides all the scenery files, plane models, panels, and navigation aids you’ll need, and it’s highly recommended you make an official application to join the team before heading into the skies, if just to share in the camaraderie and potentially a personalised award for completing the event.

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