is a headset for gamers that overclocks your brain with excess electricity

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Just as war has historically served to push the limits of medicine, medicine now appears to exist primarily to enable batshit gaming peripherals. We started this week marvelling at the Emotiv EPOC’s rock-hurling by telekinesis (thanks, EEG machines!), and today are left flabbergasted by Focus Labs’ headset (cheers, stimulation therapy!). It says it’s going to overclock your brain.

Yesterday, we thought the was a joke.

The thing is, it only seemed to exist as this strange Tumblr account and a sparse webpage featuring two alternating pictures of ladies, both overcome by the hitherto-untapped sensual potential of gaming. It asked: “Are you ready to”

Yeah. Since then, however, attaching ourselves to the site’s mailing list has reaped rewards: a pre-order page. For $249, you can order the headset ahead of shipping in July.

The promises to “increase the plasticity of your brain” and “make your synapses fire faster” – effectively overclocking it. The headset sits behind your ears like laurels or, if your reference points are less classical, glasses. It delivers low currents of electricity to your brain via electrodes, in a process called transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS).

tDCS is typically used to help stroke patients improve their cognitive performance, and can enhance linguistic ability, attention span, problem solving, memory and co-odination. Here, I guess it means getting the drop on a baddy in CoD?

The comes with eight reusable sponges.

Hey! I remember why you need sponges when applying electricity to your brain.