Football Manager 2015 will feature Twitch integration

Football Manager 2015: happy man simulator.

When Football Manager 2015 arrives in November it will have a big blue button somewhere that will immediately broadcast your capabilities as a football manager all over the internet, available to anybody who cares to look, because, as is the fashion of late, Sports Interactive’s ball-and-man management game will feature full Twitch integration.

Twitch tweeted the news this afternoon following the announcement by the game’s director Miles Jacobson at the EGX conference in London.

It’s big news for the Football Manager community, who’ll now be able to broadcase livestreams of their matches directly to the largest streaming platform there is. Voice chat and video will come later, says Sports Interactive, but the ability to broadcast should lend itself to a huge boost in popularity as the game throws its doors open to streamers.

More Football Manager 2015 feature announcements are expected in October, ahead of the game’s release in November,