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Football Manager 2020 review roundup - here are all the scores

Football Manager 2020's release date has arrived, but what are the reviews scores saying?

Football Manager 2020’s release date of November 19 has nearly arrived. Although the game isn’t officially out just yet, it has been available to buy in beta form for a little while now, and critics have begun setting their reviews live.

In our Football Manager 2020 review, critic Dave James (not that one) says this year’s edition is “the best version of the game yet”, awarding it an 8/10. You can see more Football Manager 2020 review scores in the roundup below.

Come November 19 you’ll be able to pick up the game through Steam, or at retail with a new type of eco-friendly packaging. Mobile versions on iOS and Android will launch the same day. While FM20 is coming to both Google Stadia and Switch, those versions will come some time after this release. If you’re already playing this year’s FM, you might be interested in our Football Manager 2020 wonderkids guide.

Football Manager 2020 Review Roundup

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