Football Manager 2024 will give you an actual, real managing job now

Football Manager 2024 is one of Steam’s top sellers right now, and if you’re good enough, you can now get an actual managing job for real.

Football Manager 2024 Steam and Game Pass: A player raises a fist in football game Football Manager 2024

Football Manager 2024 Steam sales are exploding right now. Beating the likes of Dota 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Cities Skylines 2, and even the epochal Grand Theft Auto 5, this year’s soccer strategy sim is number ten on the global chart for Valve’s platform, and also hitting it big on PC Game Pass. Whether you’re taking charge of Manchester City, and trying to bag another few trebles, or dragging a plucky National League underdog all the way to the FA Cup Final, chances are you’ve fantasized about doing it for real. Well, now you can – if you prove you’re good enough at Football Manager 2024, you can get a job managing for real.

Between the FM24 best free agents and cracking the best FM24 challenge saves, you need to pay a lot of attention, and build some seriously detailed tactics, if you’re going to score success in Football Manager 2024. The strategy football game remains one the absolute best when it comes to simulating the rigors and complexities of real-life management, and everyone who plays FM24 occasionally has that thought – if I can do it here, perhaps I can do it for real.

Well, now you can. In collaboration with Xbox and Bromley Football Club, Football Manager 2024 is launching The Everyday Tactician, a new campaign that will give one expert player the chance to take on real-world management full time. It works like this. First of all, you need to earn the FM24 achievement ‘Championes,’ which you can unlock by winning a domestic league title. After that, you fill out a form outlining your Football Manager experience and your background, then send it over before Monday December 4.

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If you make it through, you’ll sit an interview with staff at Bromley FC, with one lucky candidate bagging the full-time role of support performance tactician at Bromley itself. You’ll be shadowing and learning from Bromley’s first team manager, Andy Woodman, to develop your understanding of the game before applying your tactics to real life.

“There are definitely plenty out there who know how to guide us to glory in the Football Manager game,” Woodman says, “so we’re excited to welcome someone who can replicate that in the real world!” Please be aware, the campaign is only available to residents of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. You can find everything you need to apply right here.

Alternatively, get studying with the best FM24 tactics and formations. You’ll also need to know the best ways to prevent injuries in FM24, to keep your best players on the pitch and off the bench.

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