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Football Tactics scores an Early Access release

Football Tactics

When it comes to turn-based tactics, plenty of wartime situations are covered. Sport is generally well catered for too, with Frozen Cortex and Blood Bowl offering bone (or metal) crunching contact sports. But what if you prefer your sport straight up, like they do on a Saturday afternoon? Then Football Tactics is for you.

Just released on Steam Early Access, Creoteam’s Football Tactics is a simple and streamlined footy game where each dive, tackle, and pass is an action in a turn-based system. It’s campaign will see you rise through the ranks, from amateur player to Premier League victor.

With elements of Football Manager thrown in too, you’ll be hiring new players and increasing their skills with a talent tree. You’ll need to manage other elements of the club too, such as upgrading your stadium and hiring coaches for the team.

Football Tactics is near enough finished, with just a few months to go until it’s projected September/October 1.0 release. The campaign mode is all working and you can get going with one of 33 different countries. There’s still some polish to come in features like achievements and Steam Workshop support, but the pick-up-and-play nature is all present and correct. It’s going for £9.99 on Steam right now, but will increase in price as new features are added.