Football Manager 2013 Classic Mode was created because Sports Interactive devs didn’t have time to play FM at home

Football Manager

I really couldn’t tell you what the most exciting part of yesterday’s FM 2013 announcement was. But it’s a dead heat between proper Steam multiplayer integration and the addition of the new Classic Mode, which aims to fold as much of the FM experience into eight to ten hours of play.

What we didn’t know yesterday is that Classic Mode was thunk up by Sports Interactive after realising that most of their dev team no longer had the time to play the game themselves.

“We were having a big meeting with everyone on the FM team just after the release of FM 2011 and I asked how many were playing the game at home,” Miles Jacobson told The Guardian.

“Pretty much all of the younger guys put their hands up, but very few of the older ones – the ones with kids – did. So we decided there and then to make FMC a mode in the PC game, rather than a separate release.”

Classic Mode is to be the epitome of accessibility: Jacobson told PCGamesN that the mode will include paid unlocks, allowing players to “define the way they want to play the game”.

Will you be trying out Classic Mode, or sticking to traditional FM in its newest iteration?