Football Manager 2013 release date set for November 2nd

Football Manager

Hear every economy in the world breathe a sigh of relief: Football Manager 2013 is to be released on a Friday, saving workplaces from spontaneous mass affliction. That’s Friday November 2nd, simultaneously across the world.

What’s more, pre-orders will grant access to a beta version of the game a full two weeks before the official release. The beta will incorporate the vast majority of FM13’s final features, including the new Classic mode.

The beta will be playable until Monday November 5th, and save games will be transferable to the game proper.

“Our fans are very good at letting us know what they want and the one thing that’s consistently at the top of their wish list is an earlier release date,” said Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson.

“While we can’t, strictly speaking, offer them exactly what they want, this Beta version is the next best thing – a fully playable Football Manager they can get their hands on around two weeks before the finished game hits the streets.”

Earlier this month, Jacobson told us that FM13’s Classic mode was to include paid unlocks.